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Iconovo initiates collaboration with Affilogic


Iconovo initiates collaboration with Affilogic

22 June, 2023

Iconovo has recently entered into several collaboration agreements, the latest of which with the French biotech company Affilogic. The collaboration concerns a feasibility study with inhalable affinity proteins, so-called Nanofitins, based on Iconovo’s disposable inhaler ICOone. After the study is completed, there are good opportunities to expand the collaboration, according to the company. The goal of the project is to develop a new treatment for lung diseases.

Iconovo develops new inhaled drugs in collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies. The development projects are based on the company’s inhaler platforms ICOres, ICOcap, ICOone and ICOpre.

Feasibility study with binding protein

Iconovo recently announced that they plan to initiate a feasibility study in collaboration with Affilogic for the development of inhalable Nanofitin-based biotherapies in ICOone.

Affilogic is a private company specialized in the discovery and development of Nanofitins, which is the commercial name for so-called affitins. These are artificial proteins that bind to specific antigens and thus provide an alternative to antibodies.

Possible future license agreement

The ambition of Affilogic’s project is to develop a new Nanofitin-based inhalation treatment for lung diseases.

After the completion of the feasibility study, Affilogic has the option to enter into a license agreement with Iconovo for the use of the treatment in one of the company’s ICOone inhalers. A potential license agreement may generate revenue through development work, milestone and royalty payments, or sales of inhalers.

Several collaboration agreements

Earlier in June, Iconovo entered into a similar collaboration agreement with a small Danish company. This agreement also pertains to a feasibility study which, if the results are positive, can generate a license agreement for Iconovo. The study will be conducted with a reformulated version of an already approved drug substance against a rare inflammatory disease that usually affects the lungs.

Iconovo’s CEO Johan Wäborg commented to BioStock regarding the recent influx of collaboration agreements:

»The fact that more customers choose Iconovo as a partner is proof of our expertise in the inhalation area. We have done several deals recently within the area of novel pharmaceuticals, which is not only commercially beneficial, but also give us an opportunity to develop our expertise with new substances and methods. The customer project with Affilogic can generate significant knowledge about the development of biological drugs – a growing market with high potential for our inhalers.«

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