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CLS receives order from ClearPoint Neuro


CLS receives order from ClearPoint Neuro

9 January, 2024

Clinical Laserthermia Systems has received an order for ClearPoint Prism Neuro Laser Therapy System products worth 8.1 MSEK. The order comes from the American company ClearPoint Neuro, which is currently conducting a limited market release in North America ahead of the full market launch planned for the second half of 2024. 

Lund-based Clinical Laserthermia Systems (CLS) develops and sells TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System for minimally invasive image-guided laser ablation. Right now, the company is in full swing launching the latest generation of the system, with focus on urology, neurosurgery and oncology. 

Collaboration with ClearPoint Neuro 

For some time, CLS and the American company ClearPoint Neuro have collaborated for development and commercialisation of an integrated system for MRI image-guided laser ablation in neurosurgery. Integrating the companies’ technologies enables a standardised work process to identify target tissue, navigate and position the system’s laser applicator, and monitor and control the ablation with high precision. 

Additional order of 8.1 MSEK

On January 9, CLS announced that they have received a new order worth 8.1 MSEK from ClearPoint Neuro. The order is for the ClearPoint Prism Neuro Laser Therapy System, which enables integration with ClearPoint’s neuro navigation platform and MRI scanners from leading manufacturers. At the time of writing, the announcement has driven a share price rise of 9.71 per cent. 

The current order is part of a limited market launch in North America – where ClearPoint Neuro thus holds the distributor role – and follows a previous order of approximately 2.4 MSEK that CLS received in December 2023. The company’s CEO Dan J. Mogren commented in a press release: 

»These are important orders that represent another milestone in our collaboration with ClearPoint Neuro. The limited market release that ClearPoint Neuro is now conducting in the North American market has proceeded according to plan and this latest order is a step in the ambition to expand the limited market release with additional clinics in addition to the four that are already included in the programme.« 

Market launch in North America

The limited market launch aims to provide a basis for further system optimisation. Thereafter, a full-scale market launch is planned to begin in the second half of 2024. According to CLS, they have so far received positive feedback and important insights from the clinics that have used the integrated system, and they are now looking forward to the continued launch work with confidence. 

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