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Breakthrough in the Asia-Pacific region for CLS


Breakthrough in the Asia-Pacific region for CLS

16 January, 2024

CLS has received market approval for the TRANBERG portfolio from the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore. According to the company, this represents an important milestone for CLS’s global expansion and opens doors for commercialisation in Singapore, and eventually a broader launch in the Asia-Pacific region.

Clinical Laserthermia Systems (CLS) develops and sells TRANBERG Thermal Therapy products for thermal ablation in urology, oncology and neurosurgery..

The company is focusing on commercialisation in the U.S. and Europe and is now also expanding into the Asia-Pacific region. CLS has received market approval for its entire portfolio of TRANBERG Thermal Therapy products from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore.

Market approval in Singapore

HSA has approved the use of the TRANBERG products for thermal ablation of soft tissue pathological lesions for tumour control, symptomatic relief and restoring of physiological functions in patients with prostate cancer or tumours in the liver.

With the market approval in place, CLS can initiate the commercialisation process in Singapore, which is being carried out through the joint venture company CLS Asia Pacific PTE. LTD, headquartered in Reublic, Singapore.

Broader commercialisation in sight

The approval also paves the way for broader commercialisation in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the company’s latest report, the approval could potentially speed up approval processes in other markets within the region.

CLS’s CEO Dan J. Mogren commented on the good news in a press release:

“This is a long-awaited breakthrough that we have been working hard to achieve over a long period of time. The Asia-Pacific region is a populous region, with increasing medical needs, where our TRANBERG portfolio for minimal invasive focal laser ablation can provide great value for patients & therapy providers. Through CLS Asia Pacific we have already established clinical relationships in the region and now intend to deepen these and initiate commercialisation of our product portfolio”

By expanding into the Asia-Pacific region, CLS is diversifying its geographical presence. The company’s expectations are that the region will be an important contributor to achieving the revenue target of 100 MSEK by 2025.

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