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CLS strengthens its position in the US


CLS strengthens its position in the US

30 November, 2023

During the past year, Clinical Laserthermia System has advanced its position in the urology segment on the US market. A number of agreements have been signed in this area and today another was announced. This time, it is an agreement with Quest International for aftermarket service and logistics, which will support CLS’s US expansion.

Medtech company Clinical Laserthermia System (CLS) specialises in the development and sale of products for minimally invasive laser ablation treatment. With CLS’ method, tissue that causes disease is destroyed by increasing the temperature in the cells with high-energy  laser. CLS’ treatments are distinguished by the fact that they are performed without invasive surgery – and usually without general anesthesia – which enables rapid recovery and minimises the risk of complications. This is something that not only benefits patients, but also the healthcare system by making it possible for patients to go home faster and reducing healthcare costs.

The US urology market is of great importance

CLS focuses its activities on three areas: neurology, oncology, and urology. In the urology segment, the company has advanced its position in several steps in 2023. This applies not least to the US market, which, given its size, is of the utmost importance to CLS. Each year, over one million prostate biopsies are performed in the US leading to the diagnosis of prostate cancer for nearly 250,000 men.

Several agreements in the US

The company is working intensively to establish its TRANBERG products in the US and has during the year signed a number of agreements with US urology clinics, e.g. with KASRAEIAN Urology and Kearney Urology Center PC.

The company has introduced a so-called Mobile Service Provider model in the US, which means that it does not only sell the product. In addition, the clinics also receive a full-service agreement that includes consumables, training and technical support for clinics and staff. In an interview with BioStock, CEO Dan Mogren says that this strategy has worked well in the US and shortened the time from first contact to agreement.

Agreement with Quest International supports expansion

Today, CLS announced another urology agreement in the US, this time with Quest International. The agreement covers service and logistics operations in the US market. Quest, a global provider of aftermarket technical services to Original Equipment Manufacturers, will provide comprehensive support, including field services, depot repair, and warehousing and logistics support for the CLS soft tissue ablation system, the TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System. CLS sees the agreement as an important part of its expansion strategy and an opportunity to to effectively meet the increasing demand.

CEO Dan Mogren emphasised the importance of the agreement in a press release:

”To partner with Quest International, given their expertise in all aspects of aftermarket service and logistics operations, is an important step in our vision to contribute to improved care and increased quality of life for cancer patients. Quest International has an excellent reputation and they will enable us to maximize our operational efficiencies meeting the strong growth and interest in the US urology market.”

Shawn Arshadi, President and CEO of Quest International, also expressed his delight at the agreement:

“Quest is excited to provide Aftermarket Service and Logistics Operations to CLS Americas while they focus on continued market expansion and commercialization of their TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System and minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment.”

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