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Sensidose recruits Deputy CEO for the expansion


Sensidose recruits Deputy CEO for the expansion

6 September, 2022

Pharma company Sensidose has recruited Philip Slätis as Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO. Slätis takes on on his role on November 1 and brings broad experience from the pharmaceutical industry. He is expected to contribute to the company’s business development and continued expansion with Flexilev for individualized treatment of Parkinson’s disease in the advanced phase, the so-called wearing-off stage.

Sensidose has developed a system for individual, fine-tuned treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The company’s microtablets Flexilev contain a small dose of levodopa, which allows the total dose to be adjusted to each patient’s needs by regulating the number of tablets. Flexilev is dosed with the dose dispenser MyFID, which is currently undergoing reprogramming to deal with the shortage of semiconductor components.

The company’s treatment is marketed in Scandinavia with the ambition to increase sales. They also intend to expand geographically to more markets, primarily Poland and Finland.

Strengthening the organisation for expansion

To accelerate the expansion, Sensidose has chosen to strengthen the organisation with Philip Slätis in the role of Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO. Philip Slätis comes from a position as business developer at the pharmaceutical company Unimedic, where he was responsible for the expansion of the company’s products and services and in-licensing of new products.

Prior to that, he has held positions at several large life science companies such as Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Baxter,Novo Nordisk and Amgen. In a press release, Philip says that he looks forward to taking on his role as COO/Deputy COO of Sensidose on November 1, 2022:

»I am very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to start in Sensidose at an incredibly exciting time. The need for more individualized treatment, together with Sensidose’s technology and ambitious growth plans is a unique opportunity«

CEO welcomes Philip Slätis to Sensidose

According to the company, Philip Slätis’ broad experience in the pharmaceutical market and international network will be an important asset in Sensidose’s expansion into existing and new markets. To find out more about the recruitment, BioStock contacted the company’s CEO, Jack Spira:

Jack, why do you see a need for an additional person in the management right now and what expectations do you have on Philip Slätis’ contributions?

– Although Sensidose is both a medtech and pharma company, it is pharmaceuticals we sell and get our revenue from. Philips’ broad experience and knowledge in this industry and his international network will strengthen our expansion plans.

»Philips’ broad experience and knowledge in this industry and his international network will strengthen our expansion plans. «

What will be Philip Slätis’ most important task in the role of COO/Deputy CEO?

– We are a small organisation and have not had sufficient resources to run all projects and our geographical expansion. With Philip, we get significant reinforcement in business development and in marketing and several other areas that he has worked with. In addition to the possibilities with Flexilev and MyFID, we see that for our new upcoming manual dose dispenser, Orafid, there are great opportunities both in Parkinson’s and for other diagnoses. An important task for Philip Slätis will be to get this product out internationally.

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