Home Event The BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2023 goes live today

The BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2023 goes live today

biostock life science summit 2023

The BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2023 goes live today

30 May, 2023

The BioStock Life Science Spring Summit gets underway today, May 30 at 10 a.m. Over the next two days, more than 25 life science companies will present their innovations digitally. Additionally, industry experts from Vator Securities and Novo Nordisk will offer their insights on business development and investments.

BioStock Life Science Spring Summit is one of the Nordic region’s most important platforms for private and listed innovation companies to present their projects to both Swedish and international investors, industry colleagues and potential partners.

Industry experts from Novo Nordisk and Vator securities will also share their thoughts on the steps smaller companies should take before and after an acquisition. The conversations will also touch upon raising capital in the current bear market.

During the packed two-day programme, which can be easily and conveniently followed via this link, the Summit will showcase the great breadth and level of innovation that the Nordic life science sector has to offer.

The event is sponsored by Nasdaq Nordic.


Tuesday, May 30  Wednesday, May 31
10.00 Carbiotix 10.00 BioInvent
10.20 Prolight Diagnostics 10.20 Dicot
10.40 Lipum 10.40 WntResearch
11.00 Expert Insights: Novo Nordisk 11.00 Bioservo Technologies
11.20 Cereno Scientific 11.20 Expert Insights: Vator Securities
11.40 Circio 11.30 Elicera Therapeutics
12.00 Annexin Pharmaceuticals 11.50 AcuCort
12.20 Ziccum 12.10 Initiator Pharma
12.40 Colzyx 12.30 BioArctic
13.00 SynAct Pharma 12.50 Aptahem
13.20 Pharmacolog 13.10 AdjuTec Pharma
13.40 Arcede Pharma 13.30 Suturion
13.33 Stardots
13.36 Omnio
13.39 Uptake Bio

Expert Insights: Big Pharma’s perspective on M&A and integration

Anna Gran, Associate Director Corporate Integration at Novo Nordisk, gives her view on how a smaller company should prepare for acquisitions and for a life after the agreement is in place.

11.00 am, Tuesday 30 May.

Expert Insights: Strategies for raising capital in a bear market

Jonas Ribbelöv, Managing Partner at Vator Securities, discusses different strategies for raising capital in a challenging market climate.
11.20 am, Wednesday 31 May

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The content of BioStock’s news and analyses is independent but the work of BioStock is to a certain degree financed by life science companies. The above article concerns a company from which BioStock has received financing.

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