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DanCann Pharmas vd om nya milstolpen

DanCann Pharmas vd om nya milstolpen

17 augusti, 2021

DanCann Pharma har slutfört sin första framgångsrika produktion av biomaterial i sin nyligen driftsatta produktionsanläggning, en prestation vd Jeppe Krog Rasmussen kallar en betydande milstolpe, mot det slutliga godkännandet av anläggningen för produktion av cannabisbiomaterial. BioStock kontaktade Krog Rasmussen för en kommentar.

Det danska bioteknikbolaget DanCann Pharma har som mål att upptäcka, utveckla, tillverka och kommersialisera nya terapeutiska cannabinoider för flera sjukdomsindikationer där dagens läkemedel inte ger tillräcklig effekt, eller för vilka det inte finns några behandlingsalternativ.

I april driftsattes bolagets första högteknologiska odlingsanläggning, BIOTECH PHARM1, för odling av medicinsk cannabis och i juni startade bolaget den första odlingsverksamheten i den nya anläggningen.

Den första batchen har just skördats och gjorts redo för vidare bearbetning. Torkfasen följs av en omfattande analys av resultaten samt tester av olika mikrobiologiska tillstånd, inklusive bekämpningsmedel.

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Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, vd DanCann Pharma

BioStock kontaktade Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, vd och grundare av DanCann Pharma, för en kommentar till milstolpen och vägen framåt.

Jeppe, this batch is the first of 13 planned test batches with the aim to reach a final approval of the facilities for production of cannabis biomaterials. How does this process work?

– This and the upcoming training batches are important steps on our way to achieving our production goals. We can now get actual data for validation of processes, equipment, and growth conditions. We need to ensure the consistency and quality of our products – and we have the facilities and tools to do so convincingly. This is a basic first step towards the final approval and we are confident to be well on our way.

An analysis will now take place, but you have already seen some promising signs in terms of sustainable cultivation. Could you elaborate on these?

– Without yet knowing the analysis results, we find it fair to assess, that the process in connection with the first production has been very close to optimal. In the temperature- and moisture-sensitive development facilities, cannabis genetics thrive perfectly, and it has only been necessary to use about one-sixth of the expected amount of fertilizer and nutrients. At the same time, water consumption has been significantly lower than anticipated. The high-tech set up in BIOTECH PHARM1 works as intended – and more sustainably.

You are now in the starting blocks of expanding the production capacity, which will be backed up by your recent directed issue of shares and loan capital. What does the expansion entail and what is the end game with the expansion?

– Our recent injection of capital significantly strengthens our financial position and enables us to accelerate the establishment of Phase 2 of BIOTECH PHARM1. This means that we are now embarking on significantly expanding our production capacity. We believe that the right time for further investments in production facilities is now, as there is a great demand for cannabis biomaterial, especially in the German market, and especially THC-potent raw materials, also called Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is one of the active substances among other is extracted from cannabis

You plan to increase the production capacity by a factor of 10x. When do you expect to reach this new level of production and what markets are of highest interest to serve?

– The positive development in DanCann Pharma’s activities, both financially and operationally, means that we can start production of the biomaterial to a significantly greater extent than previously expected. We expect to start operations in our expanded production facility in Q1 next year – approved by mid-2022 – with our primary market-focus for this product on the German market as mentioned above.

Being able to produce uniform products is key. When do you hope to have an analysis ready of the first batch, which hopefully shows this uniformity?

– The whole purpose of the implementation of the many training batches is ultimately to ensure uniformity and consistency in the products, so that we can maximise our output for raw material sales. After trimming and a week’s stay in the drying room, the biomaterial must be sent away for analysis, after which another week passes before the results are available. The first batch is of course something special. A milestone that is definitely worth marking.

Innehållet i BioStocks nyheter och analyser är oberoende men BioStocks verksamhet är i viss mån finansierad av bolag i branschen. Detta inlägg avser ett bolag som BioStock erhållit finansiering från. 

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