On September 20, BioStock Investor Meeting took place in Stockholm. At the event, innovation met capital as 14 exciting life science companies presented their business cases to investors and potential partners.  

Attendees of BioStock Investor Meeting got a chance to meet the companies, investors and potential partners. For those unable to attend can now take part of the full programme here.


09:00 Registration & Breakfast

10:00 Iconovo – Henrik Simonsen, CFO

10:15 WntResearch – Pernilla Sandwall, CEO

10:30 Expert Insight with Thomas Eldered

10:45 Break & networking

11:15 Lipum – Einar Pontén, CEO

11:30 Orexo – Nikolaj Sørensen, CEO

11:45 PharmNovo – Per von Mentzer, CEO

12:00 Lunch & networking

13:00 BrainCool – Martin Waleij, CEO

13:15 Chosa Oncology – Peter Buhl, CEO

13:30 Cyxone – Carl-Magnus Högerkorp, CEO

13:45 AdjuTec Pharma – Bjørn Klem, CEO

14:00 Break & networking

14:30 CombiGene – Peter Ekolind, CEO

14:45 Annexin Pharmaceuticals – Anders Haegerstrand, CEO

15:00 Aptahem – Mikael Lindstam, CEO

15:15 Dicot – Elin Trampe, CEO

15:30 SynartroMagnus Hurst, CFO

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Expert Insights with Thomas Eldered

At BioStock Investor meeting on September 20, 2023, we had the opportunity to pick the brain of one of Sweden’s most savvy life science investors, live on stage! With decades of industry experience and a track record of starting, building and exiting successful ventures like Recipharm, Thomas Eldered is also the Co-founder and Chairman of Flerie Invest, currently with over 30 Swedish and international companies in its portfolio.


BioStock Life Science Summit Deltagande bolag AdjuTec Pharma ASCEO Bjørn Klem
Focus area Antibiotic resistance
Market Unlisted
Website adjutecpharma.com

Presenting company Annexin Pharmaceuticals CEO Anders Haegerstrand
Focus area Injuries and inflammation in the blood vessels
Marketplace First North
Website www.annexinpharma.com

CEO Mikael Lindstam
Focus area RNA-based pharmaceuticals
Market Spotlight Stock Market
Website aptahem.com

CEO Martin Waleij
Focus area Therapeutic hypothermia
Market First North
Website braincool.se

CEO Peter Buhl
Focus area Oncology
Market Spotlight Stock Market
Website chosaoncology.com

CEO Peter Ekolind
Focus area Gene therapy
Market First North
Website combigene.com

CEO Carl-Magnus Högerkorp
Focus area Autoimmune diseases
Market First North
Website cyxone.com

Deltagande bolag DicotCEO Elin Trampe
Fokcus area Sexual dysfunction
Market Spotlight Stock Market
Website dicot.se

CFO Henrik Simonsen
Focus area Inhalation platforms
Market First North
Website iconovo.se

CEO Einar Pontén
Focus area Chronic inflammatory diseases
Market First North
Website lipum.se

CEO Nikolaj Sørensen
Focus area Mental health and drug addiction
Market Nasdaq Stockholm
Website orexo.se

CEO Per von Mentzer
Focus area Neuropathic pain
Market Unlisted
Website pharmnovo.com

CFO Magnus Hurst
Focus area Osteoarthritis
Market Unlisted
Website synartro.com

CEO Pernilla Sandwall
Focus area Oncology
Market Spotlight Stock Market
Website wntresearch.com