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Stockholm-based Sprint Bioscience, which conducts early preclinical drug development primarily targeting cancer, announced on Thursday morning that it had raised 20.7 MSEK in a share issue directed at a group of existing and external investors. BioStock has contacted the company’s CEO Erik Kinnman to find out more about what it means for the company.

The biotechnology company Sprint Bioscience specialises in early preclinical development of drug candidates, primarily aimed at treating cancer. Today, the company’s portfolio consists of five development projects, where the goal is to reach early outlicensing to partners who can advance them to clinical testing and onwards.

So far, two projects from the company’s existing portfolio have been outlicensed; oncology project PETRA01, where the company collaborates with the cancer drug developer HiberCell, and a NASH project that is being developed together with South Korean biotech company LG Chem.

Strengthened cash position with directed issue

On Thursday, Sprint Bioscience announced that it had completed a directed issue of 20.7 MSEK. This corresponds to a discount of approximately 12 per cent compared to the closing price on April 7. For shareholders who did not participate in the issue, the issue will mean a dilution of approximately 16 per cent in total. In connection with the issue, the company pays back an outstanding loan of 10 MSEK.

CEO comments

BioStock has spoken to Sprint Bioscience’s CEO Erik Kinnman to learn more about what the directed issue means for the company.

Erik Kinnman, CEO Sprint Bioscience

You have now strengthened the cash position by 20.7 MSEK. Why did you choose to strengthen the company’s financial situation through a directed issue?

–  With this issue, we have been able to increase the company’s shareholding among qualified investors, both existing and new. The interest is a sign of an understanding of the potential of our portfolio of innovative drug candidates and our business model.

What does this latest capital injection mean for the company?

–  The strengthened cash position allows us to accelerate activities in our various projects as well as in business development. All to build shareholder value and continue to deliver drug candidates that are attractive to potential licensees and that could eventually become new unique drugs for cancer patients with medical needs who need alternative treatments.

How would you describe the financial situation in the company in relation to the capital requirement going forward?

–  The capital requirements are now met for the near future. This enables continued value-building development of our portfolio and strengthens opportunities for deliveries in terms of our licensing activities.


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