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Canadian Tara Heitner took office as the new CEO of Cyxone on June 1. The company develops immunomodulating drugs for autoimmune diseases and the portfolio consists of two clinical programmes. Rabeximod is developed as a new therapy for rheumatoid arthritis while T20K is developed for multiple sclerosis. Tara Heitner came to the BioStock Studio and told us about her background, her first impressions of Cyxone and what she already has achieved in her new position.

During the video interview, Tara Heitner, CEO of Cyxone, also commented on the new collaboration with Dr Kalev Kask, who runs the US based contract research organization (CRO) EGeen, and what news we can expect from Cyxone in the coming months.

The interview was recorded before Cyxone’s press release that the company is initiating a clinical phase II study in Covid-19-patients, a subject that BioStock will return to.

Watch the full interview below.


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