Home Interviews Interest in BiBBInstruments’ EndoDrill GI continues to increase

Interest in BiBBInstruments’ EndoDrill GI continues to increase

Interest in BiBBInstruments’ EndoDrill GI continues to increase

Interest in BiBBInstruments’ EndoDrill GI continues to increase

22 May, 2024

The world’s first market-cleared electric-driven biopsy instrument for endoscopy, EndoDrill GI, continues its track record of successful clinical evaluations. BiBBInstruments’ device has received high praise from physicians at the University Hospital in Örebro and Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway.

–  We notice that the interest in EndoDrill GI is gradually increasing as we initiate evaluations at new hospitals and participate in congresses, says Fredrik Lindblad, CEO at BiBB.

BiBBInstruments (BiBB) is preparing for commercialisation with its endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) biopsy instrument EndoDrill. The device is the world’s first market-cleared electric-driven biopsy instrument for endoscopy, and the gastrointestinal variant, EndoDrill GI, has been called a “game-changer” in EUS sampling and “FNB on steroids.”

High praise has come from physicians at UC Davis in the US and at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, who have conducted the first clinical cases with the device in recent months. Read all about this here.

Successful clinical evaluations in Norway and Sweden

EndoDrill GI continues to impress physicians. The BiBB team is busy introducing the device in hospitals throughout Scandinavia, and the latest on site clinical evaluations were conducted at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway and Örebro University Hospital in Sweden.

Dr Khanh Do-Cong Pham became the first user to evaluate EndoDrill GI in Norway, and he described his experience in this LinkedIn post, which includes a video of the procedure.

– In the first case, we performed an almost full-thickness biopsy of a recurrent gastric cancer to prove deeper infiltration, say Dr Pham. He continues, we recognise that the Endodrill causes no bleeding or collateral tissue effect, so it can be considered atraumatic (gentle).

BiBBInstruments uses new motor unit

A similar experience was reported from Dr Robert Glavas at Örebro University Hospital. Several patient cases were performed, and it was the first time BiBB used the new industrialised motor unit, which is significantly more compact than its predecessor. According to BiBB, the cases were varied and challenging, involving pancreatic tumours, lymph nodes, and the gastric wall. Sampling with EndoDrill GI provided a series of true core biopsies.

Both the evaluation at Örebro University Hospital and Haukeland University Hospital will continue.

– The continued evaluation of EndoDrill GI in Norway and Sweden has provided a consistent picture of a user-friendly biopsy instrument that safely obtains high quality core tissue biopsies, says BiBB’s CMO Dr Charles Walther.

Directed share issue

To finance the clinical evaluations in the US and Europe, and prepare for the planned launch of EndoDrill GI later this year, BiBBInstruments has carried out a directed share issue of approximately SEK 10 million. The share issue was directed to existing major shareholders, including Tibia Konsult, Swedencare Entrepreneurs, the Aktia Nordic Micro Cap fund, and Herenco Group owner Lovisa Hamrin.

CEO insights

BioStock reached out to CEO Fredrik Lindblad to get his take on the new clinical evaluations and directed share issue.

Fredrik, how does it feel to have a continuous stream of incoming positive feedback from different physicians using EndoDrill GI?

– For each new user who leaves a positive review about EndoDrill, it becomes increasingly clear that we have developed an innovative biopsy instrument that can make a real difference in healthcare. We also hear that diagnosing pathologists and treating oncologists are starting to ask for EndoDrill biopsies as the improved sample quality makes a difference.

How do you choose where to have these evaluations done?

– It varies. It can be doctors we have met at an international congress, doctors who have contacted us themselves, or tips from one of our clinical partners. Our current focus is on Scandinavia and the USA, but we also have plans for clinical evaluations in Europe outside of Scandinavia. Stay tuned!

Could you tell us more about Dr Pham’s observation about EndoDrill being “atraumatic” and why that is important?

– With all new products, it is always key that they – in addition to being more effective – do not cause more harm to patients than existing products. So far, users have not reported any serious complications and they seem to be impressed by the clean puncture holes and absence of blood in tissue samples.

You used a new industrialized motor unit at Örebro University Hospital. Could you tell us more about this unit and its benefits?

– Compared to its predecessor, our development team has managed to make the motor unit more compact (half size), while maintaining capacity. It is also a sleek and modern design that fits nicely with the rest of the commercial system.

Fredrik Lindblad , CEO BiBBInstruments
Fredrik Lindblad , CEO BiBBInstruments

BiBBInstruments has had several successful evaluations with EndoDrill at this point. How many more need to happen before you can proceed with commercialisation?

– We have not set an exact number, but we definitely want to start up a few more hospitals in Scandinavia and the USA before we focus on launching. One could say that by demonstrating the product and letting new users evaluate EndoDrill, an important part of the sales work has already begun. The best advertisement we can get is satisfied users recommending this new amazing instrument to colleagues. Promoting an instrument that takes better biopsies than what they are used to.

You have just completed a directed share issue of SEK 10 million. Could you tell us more about how you plan to allocate the resources?

– We are pleased to see a majority of BiBB’s largest shareholders participate in this round. It means, among other things, that we can continue our clinical case evaluations in the USA and Europe and prepare for a launch of EndoDrill GI in Sweden later this year.

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