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CLS launches in France


CLS launches in France

15 May, 2024

Clinical Laserthermia Systems has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with MTEC to market and sell the TRANBERG portfolio in France. The distributor specialises in laser technology and has extensive experience in urology.
– The TRANBERG product portfolio perfectly complements our current offering in laser technology in urological oncology, says Eric Girard, CEO of MTEC. 

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 1.4 million men are affected by prostate cancer per year globally, including approximately 350,000 of them in the EU and 60,000 in France. The current treatment options for localised prostate cancer are surgery or radiation therapy, which, however, are associated with significant risks and side effects such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Clinical Laserthermia Systems (CLS) provides a minimally invasive treatment option through focal laser ablation using the company’s TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System. Focal therapy targets only the affected area, reducing the risk of affecting surrounding healthy tissue. The system features temperature control, allowing healthcare professionals to continuously monitor temperature levels to optimise treatment and minimise the risk of side effects.

MTEC has a long history in the field of clinical lasers

Now, CLS has chosen to launch the TRANBERG system in France together with MTEC, specialised in the distribution of medical and surgical laser. MTEC is a French company established in 1994 that has since provided solutions to healthcare professionals and institutions across France. Through this collaboration with CLS, the company’s offer in urology has been strengthened:

– We can now offer our large existing customer base and all new physicians, a new laser technology platform designed to treat localised prostate cancer in the most precise and accurate way, say’s MTEC’s CEO Eric Girard.

Participation in national conference

The next step in the market launch process is the participation in the national scientific BPH/Prostate meeting in Bordeaux 23-24 May. MTEC will display the TRANBERG system, supported by CLS.

– This meeting brings together key opinion leaders within prostate cancer field and will be an excellent platform for the broader market introduction in France, CSL writes in a press release.

– With our presence on a local conference we show our commitment, not only to our new commercial partner, but also to some of the most influential specialists in the French market, adds Perjan Pleunis, CLS’ VP Sales Europe.

Initial commercial phase and clinical study

Perjan Pleunis believes that the collaboration with MTEC marks a small but important first commercial milestone in the French market. Since December 2023, CLS laser ablation systems have also been used in the French national study IRMPROFT, which evaluates MRI along with biopsy to detect residual prostate cancer after focal therapy.

CLS is now looking forward to taking the first commercial step in France:

– I am looking forward to the collaboration with MTEC, and I’m convinced that their competence and network will contribute to a successful introduction of the CLS TRANBERG system in France, says Perjan Pleunis

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