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Alligator Bioscience on the importance of prolonging life

Søren Bergenholt, vd Alligator Bioscience hos BioStock

Alligator Bioscience on the importance of prolonging life

2 April, 2024

What does time mean to a person who’s cancer might not be cured? Prolonged life can bring hope for alternative treatments, or simply allow more time with loved ones. Alligator Bioscience aim to help patients with pancreatic cancer, through activating the body’s own immune system. As the FDA has endorsed a phase III study with the company’s lead candidate, BioStock studio asked CEO Søren Bregenholt to expand on the next step and his personal engagement in helping cancerpatients.

Watch the interview with Søren Bregenholt, CEO of Alligator Bioscience, below.

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