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Invent Medic strengthens portfolio with new incontinence product

Invent Medic adds new incontinence product

Invent Medic strengthens portfolio with new incontinence product

24 January, 2024

Invent Medic has initiated a collaboration with TillaCare, adding a new incontinence product to its portfolio. UriCap Female will be introduced on the Swedish market, where Invent Medic has a strong position with its established contacts in the regions. BioStock has reached out to Invent Medic’s CEO Anna Lindström to get her view on the new collaboration.

Invent Medic is built on the foundation of the proprietary continence support Efemia Bladder Support, which helps women suffering from stress urinary incontinence. For a few years now, the company has been on an ambitious journey to broaden its product portfolio, investing heavily in the menstrual health area.

Adding new incontinence product to portfolio

Announcing a collaboration with TillaCare, Invent is adding another incontinence product for the Swedish market. TillaCare’s UriCap Female is a urine dome for incontinent women, that can be used instead of a catheter or a diaper. According to the company, this type of solution has previously only been available to men.

The product is currently sold in the US, Israel and the UK, and TillaCare is now investing in expanding its network of distributors in several markets around the world.

According to Invent Medic, the product is a good complement to Efemia Bladder Support. This means that it now reaches a larger proportion of all Swedish women who experience different types of incontinence problems. The company will sell the product on the Swedish market through its established contacts in the regions. The plan is to introduce UriCap Female in Sweden during the first quarter, ahead of upcoming procurements.

Established contacts pave the way for UriCap Female

Speaking of procurements, Invent Medic recently announced that Efemia Bladder Support has been procured in two additional regions in Sweden; Region Västerbotten and Region Skåne. This means that the product is now represented in all major Swedish regions and that there are now only two regions left, Region Halland and Region Gotland, before the entire country is covered.

Invent Medic expects that the network of contacts already built-up for Efemia will boost the launch of UriCap Female, since the same people are responsible for both product groups.

Comments from the CEO

BioStock has contacted Invent Medic’s CEO Anna Lindström to find out more about the new product and the collaboration with TillaCare.

Anna Lindström, CEO Invent Medic
Anna Lindström, CEO Invent Medic

To begin with Anna, you mention that UriCap Female is aimed at a different group of women than Efemia Bladder Support. Can you tell us a little bit more about which women UriCap Female is targeting?

– Efemia Bladder Support is aimed at the active woman who is out and about in society and who suffers from stress urinary incontinence, while UriCap Female’s users are either bedridden incontinent women or women who suffer from incontinence during the night and do not have time to go to the toilet. UriCap Female’s users have a slightly higher average age than Efemia Bladder Support.

UriCap Female is described as an alternative to catheters and disposable diapers. What is it that makes people choose this product instead of the traditional alternatives?

– If a woman has a problem with leaking urine at night, it is common to use disposable diapers. Even though diapers are very effective, the user is at risk of sores due to getting wet. UriCap Female collects the urine directly into a urine collection bag.

– Unlike a catheter, UriCap Female is not inserted into the urethra, which prevents the high risk of infection. UriCap Female is unique because it collects the urine right next to the woman’s urethra and does not need to be attached with tape or glue.

Just as with Efemia Bladder Support, you highlight the sustainable aspect with UriCap Female. Can you tell us more about the environmental benefits and the importance of this in procurements?

– We see that environmental aspects are becoming more important in procurements and that there are higher demands on suppliers to be able to report their environmental impact. They look at the entire life cycle of the products, including production and transport. UriCap Female is used for a longer period of time than a disposable diaper, it is smaller and easier to transport and after use, the waste is sorted and the urine is emptied, which contributes to less transport of garbage and less energy used in incineration.

You plan to introduce the product in the first quarter. What will the process look like and when can you expect sales to start?

– During the first half of the year, we will mainly work on getting UriCap Female into the initiated procurements. This is a process that takes time before an order is placed, and we will therefore offer the product outside of agreement to selected customers.

Going forward, what is your view on establishing more collaborations like this?

– If it’s the right product, we’re positive about it. Two years ago, we announced a strategy to expand the product portfolio through acquisitions and collaborations, and we are continuing to work in that direction.

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