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CLS initiates new prostate cancer study in France

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CLS initiates new prostate cancer study in France

5 December, 2023

Clinical Laserthermia Systems is on its way to the market with the TRANBERG system for minimally invasive image-guided focal laser ablation. The company recently announced that it is participating in a French study investigating how MRI can be used together with biopsies to detect residual prostate cancer after focal therapy. The first patient in the study has now been treated.

Lund-based Clinical Laserthermia Systems (CLS) develops products to treat cancer through minimally invasive laser ablation. The technology is based on selectively destroying pathogenic tissue using high-energy lasers and is an alternative that allows traditional surgical procedures to be avoided. Right now, the company is in full swing with launching the latest generation of the TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System, where the main focus is on urology, neurosurgery and oncology.

Included in new French study

Clinical data plays a crucial role in launching TRANBERG, and the system is represented in several ongoing studies. The company announced on Tuesday that it is adding another study to that list. This is a study conducted in France, where CLS is collaborating with Urolib, a group of urologists based at the Medical Center Chateau Galland in Besançon.

The group works in collaboration with Clinique Saint Vincent, which is part of the ELSAN Group, the largest chain of private clinics in France. Urolib serves as a reference center for the Philips Uronav platform for targeted prostate biopsies and is a training center for focal treatments of prostate cancer.

Evaluating detection of residual prostate cancer

The study, called IRMPROFT, is now underway, and the first patient has been treated. The aim is to evaluate the efficacy of MRI image-guided biopsy in detecting residual prostate cancer after treatment with focal therapy. Several different focal therapy technologies are used in the study, including the TRANBERG system.

“We are pleased to have safely treated the first localised prostate cancer patient in France with the CLS TRANBERG system providing temperature controlled focal laser ablation,” Dr Pierre-Charles Henry, Principal Investigator at Urolib, said in a press release.

“During the laser ablation procedure, the temperature probes of the TRANBERG System allowed us to continuously monitor the tissue temperature in real-time, providing important information to optimise the treatment while sparing surrounding tissue. We look forward to enrolling more patients in this nationwide clinical study investigating the accuracy of biopsies after treatment with focal therapy.”

Agreement signed for the implementation of the study

CLS has signed an agreement with Urolib regarding the accessories, disposables and support needed to carry out the study.

“Urolib has impressive experience in focal therapy, including FLA, and we are very proud that this centre has chosen to use the CLS TRANBERG system for treatment in this study,” writes Perjan Pleunis, European Sales Manager at CLS.

“The principal investigators of Urolib, urologists Dr Vincent Bailly and Dr Pierre-Charles Henry, also have an extensive experience in MRI-Ultrasound fused biopsy techniques that work well together with the CLS products.”

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