Home News Stayble Therapeutics presents phase IIb data within one month 

Stayble Therapeutics presents phase IIb data within one month 


Stayble Therapeutics presents phase IIb data within one month 

3 November, 2023

Stayble Therapeutics is facing the company’s most important milestone to date, presenting top-line data from the phase IIb study with STA363 in patients with degenerative disc disease. The results from the phase IIb study are expected to be presented in November or at the latest in early December. Subject to positive results, the company plans to intensify partnering activities in collaboration with the transaction advisor Ferghana Partners. 

Stayble Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developingthe drug candidate STA363, an injection treatment for chronic back pain due to degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. STA363 consists of lactic acid and is injected directly into the spinal disc, which stimulates the disc to produce connective tissue. Only one injection is expected to provide lasting pain relief.  

Upcoming phase IIb results in degenerative disc disease

We will soon find out if STA363 has the desired effect. Stayble Therapeutics has completed the recruitment and follow-up phase of its phase IIb study with STA363 in patients with degenerative disc disease. A total of 101 patients have been treated and completed all follow-up visits. The study is now in the final analysis phase, having ensured data quality and closed the database. 

The company expects to present top-line results in November or early December, which will provide clarity on whether or not the study’s objectives have been achieved. The aim of the phase IIb study is to demonstrate significant pain relief and increased function. 

In addition to this, the company is also currently conducting a phase Ib study in which the same drug candidate, STA363, is being tested on patients with herniated discs. 

Preparing for partnership with transaction advisor

The closer Stayble Therapeutics gets to the data reporting from the phase IIb study, the greater the interest from potential partners for phase III and commercialisation. To maximise the chances for a value-creating and beneficial partnership, the company has recently entered into an agreement with transaction advisor Ferghana Partners, which will support the company’s partnering activities.

If the phase IIb results are positive, Ferghana will assist Stayble in identifying suitable partners and potentially accelerate the process. Ferghana has a wide network of contacts and the expertise required to effectively present the company’s STA363 project and reach a deal with the right company. Ferghana has facilitated several previous deals within pharmaceuticals and the pain area. 

Possible scenarios

Stayble Therapeutics envisions either a global deal or a regional deal with a big pharma company or medium-sized specialty pharmaceutical company. The company focuses primarily on the US, European and Japanese markets.  

In a presentation, the company’s CEO Andreas Gerward mentions that possible scenarios include acquisitions, licensing deals or co-development and that such deals normally take about 6-12 months to close. The company sees it as likely that a partner would be interested in both indications (degenerative disc disease and herniated disc). 

Currently, Stayble Therapeutics is actively working to compile data from the phase IIb study. Both the market and potential partners are eagerly anticipating the results. 

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