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CombiGene has chosen CRO for the pain project

CombiGene has choosen CRO for the pain project

CombiGene has chosen CRO for the pain project

1 November, 2023

CombiGene has chosen Charles River Laboratories as a partner for the peptide-based pain project COZY01, which is being conducted in collaboration with Zyneyro. Charles River will perform the preclinical toxicology studies required to start the first human studies in the COZY01 project.

At the beginning of 2023, gene therapy company CombiGene and biotech company Zyneyro began a collaboration to develop better treatments for acute and chronic pain. The collaboration includes a programme with both the peptide treatment COZY01 and the gene therapy COZY02 for the treatment of severe temporary and chronic pain conditions.

In September, US-based AmbioPharm was selected as a contract manufacturer partner for the COZY01 project. This is an important step in initiating the toxicology studies required to submit a clinical trial application.

Charles River will conduct tox studies

The next step has now been taken in the project. Following an evaluation of several CROs, Combigene has Charles River Laboratories as a new partner. According to CombiGene, Charles River has the resources and expertise required to provide high-quality studies aligned with the COZY01 programme.

In a press release, the company emphasises that the Charles River facility in Edinburgh has provided valuable scientific support and advice throughout the evaluation process. Moreover, the counterparty has a global business with leading experience in drug development, as well as access to extensive expertise, which provides the security required for a company of CombiGene’s size.

In a comment, Alvar Grönberg, CombiGene’s Senior Programme Director, says:

“It is very satisfying that we have now chosen Charles River as our partner in the COZY01 project. The fact that we have now chosen a CRO means that the COZY01 project has taken another important step towards the initiation of the toxicology studies that are carried out in order to be able to submit a clinical trial application.”

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