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Update from Arcede Pharma CEO

Mia Lundblad, CEO Arcede Pharma

Update from Arcede Pharma CEO

23 March, 2023

Arcede Pharma develops RCD405, a dual-action drug candidate for the treatment of COPD and severe asthma. The company is underway with the final part of the preclinical development, where it is waiting for final results from the toxicology program. Recently, the team was expanded with two scientific advisors, both leading experts in the respiratory field. In an interview in connection with the BioStock Investor Meeting, Arcede Pharma’s CEO Mia Lundblad gave an update.

Watch the interview (in Swedish) with Arcede Pharma CEO Mia Lundblad below:

YouTube video

Don´t miss Mia’s presentation at BioStock Investor Meeting:

YouTube video

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