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Aqilion and Merck join forces

Aqilion and Merck join forces

Aqilion and Merck join forces

16 February, 2023

Aqilion focuses on developing new treatments for diseases caused by chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immune reactions. The Helsingborg-based company has announced a major licensing deal and strategic collaboration with Merck. The partnership is aimed at discovering, developing and commercialising inhibitors of the TAK1 protein – a central mediator for inflammatory processes. Through the deal, Merck will make an upfront cash payment of EUR 10 million to Aqilion. Additionally, Aqilion is eligible to receive potential development and commercialisation milestones of up to over EUR 950 million and tiered royalties on worldwide net sales.

Aqilion’s CEO Sarah Fredriksson, CBO Fredrik Lindgren, and CDxO Martin Johansson came to the BioStock Studio to share more details about the deal and how it will impact the company. Watch the interview below.

YouTube video

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