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Amplicon’s nicotine pouches premiered at global nicotine event

Amplicons nikotinpåsar premiärvisade på globalt nikotinevent

Amplicon’s nicotine pouches premiered at global nicotine event

27 June, 2022

Emplicure’s subsidiary Amplicon has achieved one of the most significant milestones in its history, premiering two dry white nicotine pouches at the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw. In connection with this, the company also applied for trademark registration in the EU for its leading product. BioStock contacted Amplicon’s Chairman of the Board Tomas Hammargren to find out more.

The wholly owned subsidiary Amplicon represents the consumer product part of Uppsala-based Emplicure. As with Emplicure, Amplicon’s business revolves around bioceramic platforms, but with Emplicure focusing on the development of pharmaceutical products, especially for pain relief, Amplicon develops tobacco-free nicotine products.

Premiere showcase in Warsaw

Last week, the company participated in the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) where it premiered two tobacco-free nicotine products. This year’s edition of GFN took place over three days in Warsaw with the theme Tobacco Harm Reduction: here for good. The purpose of the forum is to focus on products that will help tobacco users switch to safer nicotine products.

This is exactly what Amplicon wants to do with its dry white nicotine pouches for oral use, which Chairman of the Board Tomas Hammargren showed for the first time at GFN. According to the company, the tailor-made release of nicotine and flavour makes the products stand out among competitors. The two products showcased have different flavors and release profiles, which is believed to attract consumers.

Applying for trademark registration

Speaking of Amplicon’s news feed last week, one must also mention the application for trademark registration in the EU. On Wednesday, the company announced that it had submitted such an application for its lead product to the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). According to the company, the application is an important step in building a strong brand to profile itself in the market. In parallel with the brand building, Amplicon continues discussions with potential licensees and works to scale up the production process.

The Chairman of the Board comments

BioStock contacted Amplicon’s Chairman of the Board Tomas Hammargren to find out more about the participation at GNF.

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Tomas, what response did you receive to the premiere showing of your two products at GFN?

– There was a lot of interest in our products and technology. It is the first nicotine pouch that is not cellulose-based, and, thanks to our bioceramic technology, we can deliver long nicotine and flavor experience in a very small format.

Can you tell us more about how your products will stand out on the market?

– For all new markets and in order to broaden existing markets you need a small product. The smaller, dry products available have a very short nicotine and flavor experience. In our small format, we can deliver nicotine and flavor comparable to much larger products, which is really appreciated by consumers. Our patent platform also gives us the opportunity to continue the development of innovative products both in the nicotine market and for other consumer markets.

You have applied for trademark registration for your leading product, what is the strategy for building a strong brand?

– We want to differentiate ourselves in the market with a concept that puts the user at the center and distinguishes the product where it is traded. We have now shown our products at the GFN conference with very good response both in terms of brand and product profile. We will now take the next step to prioritise markets and build a strong brand.

Finally, what news can we expect from Amplicon for the rest of 2022?

– We will deliver more product updates and information about new collaborations.

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