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PolarCool makes breakthrough in Swiss market

Schweiziskt genombrott för PolarCool

PolarCool makes breakthrough in Swiss market

19 October, 2021

Lately, PolarCool’s cooling method for treating concussions, the PolarCap System, has been gaining traction internationally. Last month, the company signed an agreement with the French Rugby team Stade Français, and, this week, a two-year commercial agreement was signed with the Swiss ice hockey team HC Davos.

Swedish medical device company PolarCool is making a name for itself in Sweden, where the company’s medical cooling device for treating concussions, the PolarCap System, has been adopted by top teams in a number of professional sports leagues, including the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). Read more here.

PolarCool pushes towards international markets

Now, the company is making a push for establishing the device on new markets outside of Sweden. It will rely on a rigorous marketing strategy based, partly, in deploying company representatives, e.g., ex professional athletes, who believe in the concept brought forth by PolarCool, to different potential markets.

Last month, for example, thanks to the work by former elite rugby player Jamie Bache, with an MSc in marketing, PolarCool announced striking a deal with one of the top clubs of the French Rugby league, Stade Français. This agreement is initially valid for six weeks, during which the team will evaluate the product before potentially signing a long-term commercial agreement, and it represents a gateway for establishing the PolarCap System in France.

Read more about the deal here.

Agreement in Switzerland

A good example of an initial evaluation trial period turning into a long-term commercial agreement with PolarCool is the company’s collaboration with HC Davos, one of the top ice hockey teams in Switzerland.

After an initial period of evaluation with the PolarCap System, and after seeing the strong clinical evidence published in the final report from a 5-year clinical study conducted in partnership with the SHL, it was announced yesterday that HC Davos has agreed to continue using PolarCool’s device for a two-year period.

Through the agreement, the Swiss team will use the device with the support of a Swiss insurance company. PolarCool says the insurance arrangements are interesting to process because, by reducing the number of days of absence for athletes thanks to PolarCap, the benefits impact not only the athletes themselves and the club, but also the insurance companies.

PolarCool’s CEO Erik Andersson commented on the news in a press release:

»The agreement is a breakthrough in the Swiss market. The approach with HC Davos is interesting as it means that the parties see a medical and economic value in using the PolarCap System for the treatment of concussions.«

The team doctor at HC Davos Dr Walter Kistler also commented:

»We are very happy, that we have this therapy option to treat hockey players effectively, so they can return to the rink faster, and also protect them from possible long-term consequences.«

As there are a total of twelve teams in the Swiss league National League A (NLA), this new agreement has the potential to pave the way for more collaborations with other clubs in Switzerland. 

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