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Evaxion Biotech awarded by Frost & Sullivan for its AI platform

Evaxion Biotech awarded by Frost & Sullivan

Evaxion Biotech awarded by Frost & Sullivan for its AI platform

18 October, 2021

Danish Evaxion Biotech has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for the development of its proprietary AI-immunology platforms. According to the research firm, Evaxion “sets an impressive benchmark to follow in the AI-enabled drug discovery space”. BioStock reached out to the company’s CEO Lars Wegner to get a comment.

Evaxion Biotech has developed an AI technology used in three proprietary platforms designed for the development of immuno-oncology therapies, bacteria vaccines and viral vaccines. Leveraging the AI technology, the company can translate vast amounts of data about the human immune system to make the understanding of its biological processes easier, facilitating a very rapid preclinical development.

Their leading project EVX-01 is a perfect example of the technology’s potential. It took only seven weeks for the immunotherapy project to go from discovery to production – a process that is setting the standard for fast delivery of patient-specific immunotherapies. Right now, the EVX-01 product candidate is being prepared for a phase IIb trial in melanoma, set to start in December 2021. Read more about the technology here.

Awarded for its AI technology

The AI technology platform is now being awarded this year´s Enabling Technology Leadership Award by the global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. The award is part of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards that recognise companies that have demonstrated “outstanding achievement and superior performance in the industry”.

This year’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award is motivated by Evaxion Biotechs “pioneering spirit towards cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision-making” where its proprietary platforms PIONEER, EDEN and RAVEN helps us to gain a deeper knowledge of the human immune system for a more efficient and rapid design of novel immunotherapies.

»We identify companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future, and thus more effectively address new challenges and opportunities. Evaxion sets an impressive benchmark to follow in the AI-enabled drug discovery space and will continue to push boundaries in the years to come, and we are pleased to recognize the company for its valuable achievements.« – Darrell Huntsman, CEO of Frost & Sullivan.

CEO comments

BioStock reached out to Evaxion Biotechs CEO Lars Wegner to get his comment on receiving the award.

First of all, what are your thoughts on receiving Frost & Sullivans 2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award?
– The award recognizes the hard and brilliant work by our great team. Their work is leading to new immunotherapy product candidates that we are developing for the benefit of patients. This is important work and we are proud that it is now recognized by Frost and Sullivan Best Practices.

What does this kind of attention mean to you as a company?

– The award also recognizes our AI technology platforms. Evaxion is a leader in the application of AI in drug discovery. I hope the award will help bring more attention to the many opportunities that lie in the application of AI drug discovery and how patients in the future may benefit from AI designed therapies.


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