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Iconovo met innovation companies at BIO-Europe

Iconovo met innovation companies at BIO-Europe

6 July, 2021
At last week’s BIO-Europe conference, BioStock caught Iconovo’s Roger Lassing, VP of Business Development, between a series of interesting meetings. We talked about why it is important for a company like Iconovo – whose primary custom base is generics companies – to participate in the largest European partnering conference in the life science sector. Lassing talked about the breadth of contacts that can be made at a conference of BIO-Europe’s dignity and how Iconovo is attempting to add a second line of business with innovative products.Iconovo develops inhalers and dry powder formulations of drugs that they then out-license. So far, a majority of the company’s customers have been generic companies that provide an active substance that Iconovo has reformulated into a dry powder and combined with an appropriate inhaler, either consisting of one of the company’s three existing inhalers, or one that is specifically tailored to the drug at hand. Iconovo’s services mean that the generic companies do not need to have in-house expertise on developing dry powders or inhalers.

Just recently, Iconovo has started to develop dry powder formulations for new drug candidates. In the interview from BIO-Europe, Roger Lassing points out that there are many interesting drug candidates that would benefit from delivery directly to the lungs, but where the research pharmaceutical company does not have an adequate solution for the administration. In such situations, Iconovo’s three inhaler platforms comes into play.

Furthermore, the interview touches on Iconovo’s recent collaboration agreement with British CrystecPharma, whose technologies will complement Iconovo’s in the joint development of comprehensive solutions for new innovative drugs in need of an optimal delivery to, or via, the lung. Read more.

Watch the full video interview with Roger Lassing, VP of Business Development at Iconovo, below.

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