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Innovation in focus at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2021

Innovation in focus at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit 2021

25 May, 2021

As last year, this year’s flagship event, the Life Science Spring Summit, is held as a virtual two-day event. Tomorrow and Thursday, as many as twenty six companies will present their projects in a large number of therapeutic areas, either from BioStock’s studio in Lund, or via link. The event, which will be held in collaboration with Nasdaq and Potter Clarkson, also offers panel discussions with a trio of financial experts, as well as a deep dive into company valuations in biotechnology.

The very first edition of The Life Science Spring Summit allows Nordic innovation companies to pitch their projects to Swedish as well as international investors, industry peers and potential partners.

This year’s starting field of 26 companies shows an impressive breadth among innovation companies in the Nordic region, which despite a relatively small market compared to, for example, the US, attracts industrial partnerships, research collaborations, acquisitions and not least capital and attention from both the rest of Europe and the other side of the Atlantic.

This year’s event explores life science topics ranging from biotechnology to drug development, to medical technology and diagnostics dealing with a broad selection of treatment areas and indications. The full programme is presented below.

Panel discussion and biotechnology evaluation

This year’s event offers a panel discussion under the heading ”Investor insights,” with three expert participants in finance and investments: Mattias Häggblom, Sector Head Healthcare, Equity Research at Handelsbanken; Claus Johansen, Senior Portfolio Manager at Danske Bank Asset Management; and Pieter van der Meijden, Director Life Sciences & Healthcare at Kempen & Co. This experienced trio, together with BioStock’s CEO Jonas Söderström, will discuss current trends in the industry, the impact of the ongoing pandemic and vaccination process on investment strategies, financing and risks, and offer personal investment tips and reflections.

On Wednesday, BioStock Chairman Tobias Thornblad, CEO and co-founder of MSC Nordics, who has written a book about company valuations in the biotechnology industry, will be interviewed together with Björn Carlsson, CEO and co-founder of Monocl, a Linkedin-like platform for the pharmaceutical industry that was acquired in 2020 by the US health tech giant Definitive Healthcare.

NOTE: The live broadcasts are divided and can be followed via a separate link per day:



Day 1: Wednesday, 26 May 

10:00 Gasporox
10:20 Cyxone
10:40 Alligator Bioscience
11:00 Respiratorius
11:20 FluoGuide
11:40 Glycorex Transplantation
12:00 Lipum
12:20 Initiator Pharma
12:40 Moberg Pharma
13:00 SenzaGen
13:20 Cereno Scientific
13:40 Ziccum
14:00 Gabather
14:20 Coegin Pharma
14:40 Intervju: Biotech valuation


Day 2: Thursday, 27 May

10:00 RhoVac
10:20 Stayble Therapeutics
10:40 Sprint Bioscience
11:00 Chordate Medical
11:20 Curasight
11:40 Cessatech
12:00 Guard Therapeutics
12:20 Idogen
12:40 Nanexa
13:00 Ultimovacs
13:20 BrainCool
13:40 BioInvent
14:00 Panel: Investor Insights


Read more here: summit.biostock.se

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