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First approved patent in the US for Iconovo’s ICOone

First approved patent in the US for Iconovo’s ICOone

3 May, 2021

ICOone is Iconovo’s single-dose inhaler for simple and cost-effective administration of vaccines and biomolecules. The first US patent has now been approved for the inhaler and thus the company has approved patents for ICOone in Sweden, Europe (EPO), India, and the USA. The patents for ICOone provide, among other things, strong protection for the Covid-19 vaccination opportunities that Iconovo is exploring together with ISR Immune System Regulation.

Iconovo, based in Lund, is a company with expertise in inhalers and dry powder formulations that has developed four inhalation platforms – ICOone, ICOcap, ICOres and ICOpre.

In March, a patent for ICOone was approved in India and Iconovo has now announced that the US Patent and Trademark Officealso intends to approve a patent for ICOone. Iconovo’s CTO and founder Orest Lastow commented the importance of this new patent:

»This patent is a confirmation that ICOone is a very unique and innovative inhaler. With granted patents in USA, EU and India we now have a very strong protection on markets in great need of simple and cost-effective vaccination« – Dr. Orest Lastow, CTO Iconovo 

Exciting vaccine opportunities


The approved patent in the US is not the only positive news for ICOone in April. At the beginning of the month, Iconovo entered into a collaboration with ISR Immune System Regulation for the development of Covid-19 inhalation vaccine in ICOone. The inhaler is intended for single use, and the manufacturing cost is very low, which makes it ideal for this purpose.

In addition, there are several advantages with dry powder vaccines, such as simpler administration and cheaper and smoother transport/storage without low temperature requirements. The use of inhaled vaccines eliminates the need for disposable syringes and thus avoids the build-up of hazardous waste with blood contaminated material. The simple design enables healthcare professionals, but also patients, to learn how to handle the inhaler with minimal training, making it very user friendly.

Oxytocin for postpartum bleeding

The patent for ICOone in the US will also provide immaterial protection for the use of the inhaler to develop inhaled oxytocin against postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). The drug product is currently being developed for a first clinical trial together with Monash University. In 2019, more than 3.7 million babies were born in the United States, which means that there is great market potential for the inhaled oxytocin against PPH in thecountry.

Iconovo also has pending patent applications for ICOone in China and Japan, two large and importantmarkets. With the first US patent for ICOone secured, Iconovo continues its work to strengthen patentprotection for its inhalation products on key markets.

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