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BioStock Studio: Gabather gives clinical trial update

BioStock Studio: Gabather gives clinical trial update

25 March, 2021

Gabather’s top candidate GT-002 for treating psychiatric or mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia is currently in the early stages of clinical development. The company is planning a key target engagement study in healthy volunteers aimed at showing how GT-002 modulates brain activity at both the functional and regional levels of the brain. The company’s CEO Michael-Robin Witt joined BioStock via link to tell us more about GT-002 and give us an update on the ongoing clinical trial.

Watch the interview with Gabather’s CEO Michael-Robin Witt below:

YouTube video

New preclinical partnership for Gabather

With the recent completion of the first stages of the clinical development with GT-002, the company can now look to expand its development in a broad range of mental disorders. An important step in that direction was announced just yesterday, as the company has establishment a research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital to investigate the effect of GT-002 in a preclinical model of Alzheimer’s disease.

BioStock looks forward to following Gabather as it continues its clinical endeavours with GT-002 and progresses with its newly-established preclinical partnership.

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