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Status report Xintela – Integrins marking the future

Status report Xintela – Integrins marking the future

30 October, 2020

Xintela was founded in 2009 by Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund based on her research and discoveries on the properties of the marker protein integrin α10β1. Since then, the company has developed new treatments in both cell therapy and oncology with their well-developed technology platform and broad patent portfolio as a basis. BioStock has now published a status report on Xintela, download it below.

Lund-based company Xintela is judged to have a large market potential in a number of areas, not least in Osteoarthritis with the company’s stem cell product XSTEM-OA, which is expected to fill a large medical need. Furthermore, Xintela’s ambitions are to use their stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine as well to treat animals with osteoarthritis.

In the field of cell therapy, Xintela has also reported promising results from an ongoing preclinical study with XSTEM for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a serious lung complication that could affect Covid-19 patients. Xintela has also presented promising preclinical results for its antibody-based treatment, XINMAB, against aggressive cancers such as glioblastoma and triple-negative breast cancer.

An important and value-adding asset in Xintela’s operations is the company’s newly built GMP facility, which is expected to provide increased flexibility and control over stem cell production as well as increased attractiveness for Xintela as a future partner. Xintela will shortly file for permission from the Medical Products Agency for the production of stem cells in the GMP facility in order to initiate the clinical phase I/II study in osteoarthritis.

Download BioStock’s status report here.




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