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BioStock Global Forum 2024

BioStock Global Forum 2024

3 juni, 2024

On May 29-30, BioStock hosted the Global Forum. The event is the first of its kind, aimed at bringing together growth stage Nordic life science companies looking to expand into new markets and experts armed with a profound knowledge of how business is done across the globe. Check out the highlights from the event here!

Expanding into new markets, striking global partnerships and attracting international capital can be more challenging than expected. The need for a strong personal network and deep understanding of market-specific conditions, cultural differences and regulatory pathways cannot be underestimated. So, what should you do? Listening to individuals with key knowledge and relevant experience can significantly shorten your learning curve and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Leading experts

At the Global Forum, local experts, specialized investors, and BD&L representatives from Europe, the US, and Asia were invited to provide firsthand knowledge on succeeding abroad, offering valuable insights into regional challenges, making it easier to understand and navigate these complexities.

Keynotes and panels focused on sharing insights and advice on navigating new markets, finding the right partners and cross-border dealmaking, along with presentations from companies who made – or are about to make – the thrilling journey outside the Nordics.

» Watch the two day event here «

Day 1 — May 29

Expert Insights: How to make Nordic life science companies attractive internationally – A venture investor’s perspective
Johan Kördel, Ph.D., Managing Partner at Sound BioVentures

Panel: Dealmaking in a Global context
Carl Borrebaeck, Professor & Entrepreneur
Hans Jeppsson, CFO at Vicore Pharma

Jens Lindberg, CEO at Medivir

Expert Insights: Market and IPO trends in the Nordics vs. the US
Peter Legind-Hansen, Director of Global Listing Services at Nasdaq

Expert Insights: Accessing China – A booming source of capital and innovation
Ben Wu, Healthcare Director at Agio Capital

Expert Insights: Fusion Pharmaceuticals – From early VC investment to a billion dollar deal
Johan Christenson, MD PhD, Partner at HealthCap 

Panel: Money, Science & Rock n’ Roll – Bridging the gap from the Nordics to the Global scene
Andreas Schmidt, PhD, SVP, Head of Global BD at Singleron Biotechnologies and Founder & Managing Director at Springboard Health Angels

Ben Wu, Healthcare Director at Agio Capital
Stefan Sandström, Founder and CEO at BioSector Ltd.

Presenting companies:

Prolight Diagnostics, Amplio Pharma, Simsen Diagnostics, Envue Technologies (elevator pitch), Sorbus Biomedical (elevator pitch), Colzyx (elevator pitch), Chordate Medical, Iconovo, EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals, WntResearch.

Day 2 — May 30

Expert Insights: Go Big or Stay Home
Andreas Schmidt, PhD, SVP, Head of Global BD at Singleron Biotechnologies and Founder & Managing Director at Springboard Health Angels

Panel: Optimising a clinical development strategy for partnering and investment
Laura Nichols, Senior Director Clinical Operations and Delivery at Aixial Group
Tara Heitner, Head of Global Search and Alliance Management at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Panel: Paving the way for successful Market Access
Fredrik Olsson, CEO at Genovis
Jessica Lundström, Director Market Access at Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Strobel, Managing Partner at LamaMed Access and VP Sales at PlenOptika
Jonas Fredriksson, Global Brand Director, experience from Sobi and Novartis

Panel: Nordic Innovation & Global Investments
Anu Balendran, Senior Licensing Director Global Business Development at Novo Nordisk

Pieter van der Meijden, Managing Director Healthcare at DNB Markets
Søren Lemonius, Managing Partner at Sunstone Life Science Ventures

Expert Insights: Big in Japan! Trends & Opportunities in the world’s 2nd largest healthcare market
Stefan Sandström, Founder and CEO at BioSector Ltd.

Panel: Becoming relevant for the US market
Fiona Law, Partner and Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson

Philip Siberg, CEO at Senzime
Suresh Pai, Managing Partner at LamaMed Access

Presenting companies

PharmNovo, Abliva, Ziccum, Reccan, Hamlet BioPharma, Diagonal Bio, ExpreS2ion Biotech, Elicera Therapeutics.

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