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Topp-10-samarbete för Carbiotix

Topp-10-samarbete för Carbiotix

Topp-10-samarbete för Carbiotix

16 maj, 2023

Lundabaseade Carbiotix har inlett ett samarbete med ett globalt probiotika-bolag. Samarbetet avser utveckling av synbiotika – produkter som kombinerar prebiotika och probiotika. BioStock kontaktade Carbiotix vd Kristofer Cook för en kommentar.

Spotlight-listade Carbiotix utvecklar nästa generations prebiotiska modulatorer CarbiAXOS. Nyligen meddelade bolaget att man inlett ett utvecklingsprojekt tillsammans med ett globalt probiotika-bolag. Samarbetet handlar om att utveckla synbiotika, d.v.s. kombinationen av fibrer och bakterier.

Samarbete med topp-10-bolag

Samarbetspartnern är ett av de tio största bolagen i världen inom probiotika och omsätter över en miljard Euro per år. Bolaget vill av konkurrensskäl vara anonymt under utvecklingsarbetet.

Kombinationen av CarbiAXOS och probiotika ska främja tarm- och hudhälsan på ett effektivare sätt än vad som är tillgängligt idag. Dessutom kan Carbiotix testtjänst LinkGut validera att de nya synbiotiska produkterna ger den avsedda effekten.

Projektet kommer att pågå fram andra halvåret 2024.

Öppnar för en större marknad

Enligt Carbiotix kan det nya samarbetet ge bolaget tillgång till en stor marknad. Probiotikamarknaden flera gånger större än den för prebiotika.

För att få veta mer kontaktade BioStock vd Kristofer Cook för en kommentar.

Kristofer, what do you hope to achieve with this new partnership?

Kristofer Cook, vd Carbiotix
Kristofer Cook, vd Carbiotix

– This partnership represents the first agreement we have with a top-10 global probiotics company. This is very exciting for Carbiotix and a key milestone in our development.

– Our first goal is quite simple, to leverage our unique and growing portfolio of highly effective prebiotic ingredients to develop synbiotics (ie. combining probiotics, prebiotics and potentially postbiotics) that are highly competitive and thus become a long-term and reliable supplier to the company in question.

– Secondly, we want to demonstrate for the entire probiotics industry, that superior and customised synbiotics in combination with our companion diagnostic service LinkGut will deliver more value to consumers than other solutions on the market. The market is worth over 50 billion Euros of which the company in question holds a roughly 2 per cent market share.

– This will position Carbiotix as a natural and leading partner for the development of synbiotics. This will undoubtedly become the future of many probiotic-based consumer products.

The partner wishes to stay anonymous, what is the reason behind this?

– Remaining anonymous during the development phase is fully natural simply for competitive reasons. One does not want to provide the market with any indication of products or specific areas where products are being developed prior to an official market launch.

– We always respect this request when made, especially from companies that can potentially become key long-term partners and customers that can accelerate sales of our prebiotic ingredients across the globe.

With synbiotic products, you would reach a significantly larger market for CarbiAXOS – could you describe the potential in more detail?

– The market for prebiotic nutraceutical ingredients is worth roughly 1 billion Euros today. The market for probiotic ingredients, however, is worth five times this level and growing.

– Thus, by demonstrating the value of combining our prebiotic ingredients with probiotic ingredients to produce synbiotics, we potentially expand our total addressable market severalfold.

– We believe that symbiotics will become the norm when it comes to higher-end nutraceutical and cosmetic products sold alone or combined with medical foods or therapeutics.

– Our model of working with customers to develop customised blends for optimal effect lends itself very well to this growing trend of developing symbiotic consumer products. We are certainly going to aim high and expose the entire industry to this model. In fact, this will be my primary operational task as a proposed working Chairman, focusing on and signing agreements with consumer prebiotic, probiotic and cosmetic companies, in addition to securing key strategic partners in the ingredient supply chain that can accelerate our business interests.

– Therefore, this first agreement will hopefully be the first of many more agreements to come. Ultimately it will lead to a diverse and geographically broad customer base.

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