The busy 2019 edition of Nordic Life Science Days (NLSDays) took place in Malmö this week. BioStock had the opportunity to talk to Cédric Barriere, Senior Manager External Innovation for Oncology at Sanofi, about the French pharma giants scouting efforts in Scandinavia. 

In the interview, Cédric Barriere, who was at the NLSDays in Malmö to present the partnering activities of Sanofi, shared his views on the pharma giant’s strengths as a possible partner as well as its long term R&D strategy:  to derive 70 percent of the company’s drug candidates through internal R&D efforts – a goal which Sanofi is yet to reach – while relying on external partnerships to complement its project portfolio.

Barriere also complimented the Nordic region for its dynamic life science ecosystem and strong science, while emphasizing that both early and late stage assets are in the sights during Sanofi’s active scouting for new projects and possible collaborations in the Nordic countries.

Watch the full interview below.

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