When BioStock covered the LSX Nordic Congress in Stockholm at Nasdaq’s headquarters last week, we had the opportunity to talk to Stefan Sowa, CEO of Uppsala-based Endovab (Endovascular Development AB). With a unique and CE-marked device designed to facilitate minimally invasive surgery, the company is currently looking to establish commercial use and develop the second generation of the ingenious instrument.

The privately owned company Endovab has developed a clever device called the Liungman Guidewire Fixator (LGF), designed to facilitate endovascular surgery – an increasingly popular technique for minimally invasive surgery via the blood vessels.

Already CE-marked, the LGF is the first ever guidewire that can be distally fixated in an artery, allowing for a secure guidewire position which enables the surgeon to perform several procedures in parallel.

At the LSX Nordic Congress in Stockholm, BioStock caught CEO Stefan Sowa between meetings with investors and potential partners, and got a short run-down on the company and its product. Click to watch the interview below.


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